The New World

Session 2: Returning to Camp

14 May – 16 May

Griffinglife death 1

14 May – The party explored further north and came across a section of forest with several cut logs and the battered remains of human skeletons. Upon closer inspection, the broken skeletons animated and began to attack, but were easily dispatched. The logs had once formed a series of traps that the shattered undead had fallen prey to. After clearing the area, the party set up camp and rested through the night.

15 May – The group continued north and encountered a structure of fallen trees and stacked brush. It was fairly old and chunks were missing, reabsorbed by the forest, but what remained was clearly a fence that ran in a triangular shape for roughly a quarter mile. After making a note of it, the party went east.

East of the odd fence, the group came upon a large willow tree in a thinner section of forest. The tree had been decorated with beads and feathers hung from leather strips along its lower branches. While examining the tree from a distance, they noticed something watching them in the distance, but it disappeared before they could get a good look at it. Without disturbing the tree, the party continued to the east.

Further along, the group eventually came across a village of human natives. They were guarded and not altogether friendly, but were not openly hostile. Despite some communication problem, the party was able to glean much information and was granted leave to camp the night near the village so long as they kept away.

16 May – The party began backtracking to explore to the west. Not too long after leaving the native village, they were ambushed by three humans with bows and spears. They were able to kill one and capture another. The third was able to escape. After killing one of the natives, a giant raven came down and absorbed some kind of spirit or life essence from the dead body before landing in a tree to watch the fight unfold. When combat ended, it flew away.

With a captive, the group began making their way back to camp and arrived in the evening.

Session 1: First Steps

14 May

After a four month voyage across the ocean, the expedition arrived safely on the coast of the New World. It took only a few days to find a suitable landing site and preparations began to make landfall, unload cargo, and begin the first settlement.

While the groundbreaking was underway, a small expedition was sent into the area to get a feel for the land and to make peaceful contact with any local natives.

The group started out in a north western direction, towards some distant mountains. After about three hours of slow travel, the party was ambushed by a pair of large, bipedal reptiles that seemed to blend in with the surrounding vegetation. A young squire by the name of Roland was killed and eaten before the beasts could be brought down. The group cut some samples of the creature’s hide and continued on after a short break to collect themselves.

In a clearing of felled trees at the end of a river, the party encountered a herd of large, beaked reptiles foraging. A short time later, a larger beast came charging out of the forest toward the frightened herd. Cornered at the river’s edge, the herd took up a defensive posture to protect their young. Meanwhile, the expedition hid in the undergrowth and started to skulk away but were attacked by a swarm of tiny, vicious lizards. After dispatching the swarm, the group was relieved to see that the larger predator seemed to be occupied with a meal of its own as the rest of the herd trudged away mournfully. They gathered a few of the smaller lizards for study and snuck off to continue their mission.

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