Hayden Jarvikson


Hayden grew up as the youngest son of a minor lord in the city of blah. His father was a corrupt, philandering official, more intent on spending his ill gotten bribe money than carrying out the Duke’s justice. Hayden’s two older brothers happily followed in their father’s footsteps, but Hayden found it distasteful.

Hayden found escape from his father’s household by visiting the temples and libraries that surrounded their home. More and more often as he grew up he felt drawn toward these houses of worship. Most especially he found the temple dedicated to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon and patron of Justice.

He quietly slipped off when he came of age, his father and brothers long disinterested in his activities. He joined the Order of Platinum Knights as a lowly squire. Hard work and long hours were topped by dedicated study. He found his passion serving the needy and forging his body into a weapon of the Dragon King’s will.

He has an easy smile, a hearty laugh and a love for all Good creatures. He accepts and welcomes the company and teachings of all good gods, but his heart above and beyond all doubt belongs to the Dragon.

Hard work, devotion and a good nature has earned him the title of Paladin, and that’s where his journey begins…

Hayden Jarvikson

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