Railek Thunderforge

Demonic possession takes many forms. Some obvious. Some not. Railek was a victim of the latter.


Railek was born and raised an only child to Luwin and Brienne of the Thunderforge clan. As a child, everyone saw him as mentally ill, due to the strange occurrences of talking to himself, lashing out at inappropriate times, or just giving off an eerie feeling, which was usually lead off by a fit of irrational fear, leaving much of the populace avoiding him. It wasn’t until he was well into his eighteenth year where his madness deepened and he became violent and speaking in tongues, that his illness was seen for what it truly was.

It took seven clerics ten days to exorcise the demon, and it left Railek tired and broken. A week’s time passed as he was kept in the temple under surveillance. During that time, he talked to the brothers and sisters of the faith about the power that had saved him from his tormentor for the past eighteen years. Intrigued, he began to return to the temple every day to pay homage to Moradin, and ask for his blessing.

Before long, Railek was part of the brotherhood. He showed an eagerness and aptitude for the teachings, and easily excelled at all that he did. Moradin had saved his life, and Railek intended to life the rest of it in his service, vowing that he would claim vengeance on the beast that had stolen eighteen years of his life.

Railek Thunderforge

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